Is there anything new to say?

As a brand and marketing professional I am inundated by marketing emails. Including blogs from other marketeers sharing their thoughts on marketing, how to make a success of LinkedIn, how to tweet for business successfully, why I should be attending a network event, with people like me, talking about their experiences and expertise.  But is there anything new to say?

If I want to find something out, I ask google a specific question. Google will give me 11,000,000 answers and I choose the first few from the proffered selection. Then if that doesn’t answer me sufficiently, I scroll down a few more.  Maybe a blog, or Facebook page will be the answer, but usually it comes from the brand who supplies the initial product or thought.

So why are we spending hours and hours of our time writing blogs and posts.  Are we really ‘creating’ content or are we re-writing content?  Are we coming up with original thought or are we following the time honoured tradition of copying someone else’s essay with a few tweaks to make it our own so we can’t be accused of plagurising?

Is anyone out there reading this? What do you think?