What is brand positioning?

After my last post, you’d be allowed to wonder why I’m writing this.  But in a moment of inspiration I felt I wanted to simplify what is out there.

What is the point of brand positioning? What is it for? What does it do?

Such an over asked question and yet brand professionals seem to struggle to define it. Individuals don’t understand it. And when answered, everyone does so differently.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning defines the purpose or driving force of an organisation.

Either what it does or how it acts and sometimes it can do both.

It is not a tag line and should never be developed with that in mind. But sometimes a well-crafted brand positioning works both internally and externally and that is an added bonus.

When I work on a brand positioning it is never in isolation. It is always evidence based – exploring and investigating not just the purpose but the values and personality of a brand too.

I call this the brand platform.

The exploration involves speaking to customers, looking at the product or services, speaking with employees and working out where it stands versus the competition.

Once defined, it is a core pillar of the organisation’s identity and vital for every department and every employee.   Done correctly it is a truly motivating and galvanising tool for any business.