What is a Portfolio Marketing Director?

A Portfolio Marketing Director is a perfect SME business partner.

Not every SME can afford a full-time marketing director or head of marketing and often they use the skills of an office manager, PA or secretary to help with marketing.  A Portfolio Marketing Director offers a perfect solution;  a part-time, but long-term, senior, experienced  member of staff.

The terms of employment are agreed between both parties; long-term or short-term, 2 days a week or 3 days a month, it is completely flexible.

The client gets an experienced marketing professional at a cost they can afford.  Their business gets the expertise and strategic insight that the office manager is unable to offer. The existing marketing person gets a role model, strategic direction and job satisfaction that they are supporting the business goals.  The marketing director gets variety in their role, job security and gets to see the business grow and prosper.

Portfolio Finance Directors are already accepted and appreciated, it’s time for businesses to benefit from marketing too.

It’s a win-win idea – why is it not more widely available?